As a Futurist, Dr. Alex Van Breedam identifies society trends and challenges, but above all, tries to anticipate and to impact them by pioneering and innovating disruptively and persistently as a visionary entrepreneur, opinion leader and creator of new business models. Alex's personal baseline: "The Mission is much bigger than the man"!

350+ keynotes, lectures, chairs and debates

Chairman and moderator Chairman of the Conference “Ports & Hinterland Europe” organized by Management Producties, 4-5 October 2018, Brussels. Chairman of the Seminar “Duurzame (multimodale) logistiek en stadsdistributie – van producent tot consument”, organized by the VIB at the Logistics and Distribution Fair, 3-4  October 2018, Brussels. Chairman of the Am Cham Event on “Shaking […]

Founder and CEO of TRI-VIZOR, a disruptive innovator

  TRI-VIZOR is a disruptive innovator in logistics and supply chain management. As the world’s first impartial orchestrator for transport and logistics, TRI-VIZOR proactively designs and operates horizontal partnerships and collaborative communities among shippers. By bundling and synchronizing freight flows across multiple supply networks, double digit gains in cost, customer service and sustainability can be […]

Author or editor of many publications

    Stats Google Scholar h-index: 10 Google Scholar i10-index: 10 Researchgate RG Score: 10.74   Columns, editorials and articles Van Breedam A. (2018), Resoluut kiezen voor een nieuw logistiek kader garandeert duurzaamheid, AMS Smart Mobility Newsletter, 2 February 2018. Van Breedam A. (2017), De maatschappelijk toegevoegde waarde van logistiek, VIB Magazine, April 2017, p.8. Van Breedam […]