The Mission – much bigger than the man. Friday 13 September 2019, Wielercentrum Eddy Merckx -Gent


Registration is free, but this will be appreciated: 

Donate by betting on the exact distance that Alex will cycle in 1 h. on 13 September by transferring €10 per bet on account BE02 0018 6415 9740 and type the distance that Alex will cover in meters as reference (e.g. 40.001 meters). The one closest to Alex’s actual distance wins a prize. At the event, the winner will be announced and Alex will hand over all bets and/or donations to Mrs. Rosalind Owen, Executive Director of the  







13 Sep '19 D-Day
19 Jun '19 INTERVEST OFFICES participates as Gold
10 Jun '19 CEUSTERS Real Estate participates as Silver Sponsor.
7 Jun '19 WDP participates as Gold
6 Jun '19 Body and Bikefitting at EnergyLab. Alex's left leg is 1.7 kg lighter than his right leg.
6 Jun '19 Customizing the aerosuit at Bioracer
3 Jun '19 World Clubfoot Day. Alex is one of the ambassadors of the campaign
3 Jun '19 MODEMAKERS participates as Silver
28 May '19 ODTH participates as Silver
24 May '19 DELOITTE participates as Gold
24 May '19 EASYFAIRS participates as Gold
23 May '19 Fitness test to determine training zones
22 May '19 TEMPO-TEAM participates as Gold
21 May '19 VIB – Vereniging voor Inkoop en Bedrijfslogistiek participates as Silver
16 May '19 Gazet van Antwerpen Team Campenaerts stuwt Kontichnaar met klompvoet richting Belgisch uurrecord
15 May '19 PORT OF ANTWERP participates as Gold
11 May '19 Flows Magazine Team Campenaerts helpt Alex Van Breedam (TRI-VIZOR) aan uurrecord
26 Aug '18 First contact with the Global Clubfoot inititative and its Runfree2030 strategy
3 May '18 Trends. First press announcement of Alex's intention to go for the time trial on track Karakter kweken. PDF