On Friday 13 September Alex Van Breedam became Belgian Hour Record holder for Masters (50-55) with a distance of 40.843 km. With this Mission and with the support of a lot of companies and individuals he collected more than €10 000 for the Global Clubfoot Initiative. #TheMissionMuchBiggerThanTheMan






15 Oct '19 LITC (Logistics Innovation & Training Center) Blog – Hopelijk heb ik iedereen kunnen inspireren om hun fysieke beperking te overstijgen met mentale kracht en iets te doen met hun leven  
01 Oct '19 't Periodiekske – Alex Van Breedam verbetert uurrecord
16 Sep '19 ATV – Man met klompvoet verbreekt Belgisch uurrecord bij de Masters  
16 Sep '19 ZLC – Alex (53) stelt Belgisch uurrecord voor 50-plussers scherper en doet dat voor het goede doel: “Zonder klompvoet had ik hier niet gestaan”
14 Sep '19 Flows- Alex Van Breedam rijdt scherp uurrecord voor goede doel
14 Sep '19 Het Laatste Nieuws – Alex (53) stelt Belgisch uurrecord voor 50-plussers scherper en doet dat voor het goede doel: “Zonder klompvoet had ik hier niet gestaan”
13 Sep '19 NEW BELGIAN HOUR RECORD for Masters (50-55): 40.843 km in 1 hour 
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13 Sep '19 Last kilometer of the record race  
13 Sep '19 The statistics of the record race  
13 Sep '19  Start of the record race  
11 Sep '19 Deloitte Belgium launches a Corporate Social Responsibility campaign to support Alex in his attempt to take the hour record and to support the Global Clubfoot Initiative  
06 Sep '19 Crash on the track due to insufficiently fixed left pedal cranck during last official training. No pain – No glory   
03 Sep '19 't Periodiekske – Alex Van Breedam wil uurrecord
02 Sep '19 Deloitte is recording a video for its Corporate Social Responsibility campaign  
28 Aug '19 UCI Officials approve the time-trial bike for the hour record attempt  
26 Aug '19 CxO Magazine Vol 188 – Citius Altius Fortius  
20 Aug '19 Testing the starting system.  
13 Aug '19 My new Time Trial helmet – HJC Adwatt – by courtesy of the Belgian Cycling Factory  
9 Aug '19 Professional speaker and good friend Harry van Hest will be the presenter of the event of 13 September.  
8 Aug '19 Lombardia Food Creator particpates with its GINGER LOVE. www.gingerlove.be.  
5 Aug '19 Alex's aerosuit designed and produced by Bioracer. www.bioracer.com
30 July '19 Start of last 6 weeks with interval training on track. Here the stats of a 10 min interval showing that the 40 km/h is not reached yet. Note the power loss due to the imbalance power production of both legs due to the clubfoot. This ride was not with an appropriate helmet and aerosuit. So there is still some room for improvement…  
27 July '19  Serious fall during outdoor training. No pain – no gain!  
10 July '19 WILLY NAESSENS Group participates as a Silver Sponsor. www.willynaessens.be  
9 July '19 Intermediary evaluation:  There is still a gap between the power I can produce and the power I need for 40 km/h. Hard training till September 13th is required!  
4 July '19 WABCO participates as Silver Sponsor. www.wabco-auto.com  
3 July '19 ARDENT Advocaten participates as Silver Sponsor. www.ardent.be  
2 July '19 Wielerverhaal – Klompvoetpatiënt zet alle zeilen bij om Belgisch uurrecord op zijn naam te zetten  
2 July '19 This is the bike prepared by Philippe and his team at Velodome. www.velodome.cc  
1 July '19 In the windtunnel at Bike Valley. www.bikevalley.be. Windtunnel report   
19 Jun '19 INTERVEST OFFICES participates as Gold Sponsor. www.intervest.be  
10 Jun '19 CEUSTERS Real Estate participates as Silver Sponsor. www.ceusters.be  
7 Jun '19 WDP participates as Gold Sponsor. www.wdp.com  
6 Jun '19 Body and Bikefitting at EnergyLab. Report of body scans   
6 Jun '19 Customizing the aerosuit at Bioracer   
3 Jun '19 World Clubfoot Day. Alex is one of the ambassadors of the campaign  
3 Jun '19 MODEMAKERS participates as Silver Sponsor. www.modemakers.be  
28 May '19 ODTH participates as Silver Sponsor. www.odth.be 
24 May '19 DELOITTE participates as Gold Sponsor. www.deloitte.com/be  
24 May '19 EASYFAIRS participates as Gold Sponsor. www.easyfairs.com  
23 May '19 Fitness test to determine training zones at EnergyLab. Fitness report
22 May '19 TEMPO-TEAM participates as Gold Sponsor. www.tempo-team.be  
21 May '19 VIB – Vereniging voor Inkoop en Bedrijfslogistiek participates as Silver Sponsor. www.bevib.be  
16 May '19 Wielerkrant.be – Team rond Campenaerts jaagt nog op ander uurrecord   
16 May '19  Gazet van Antwerpen – Team Campenaerts stuwt Kontich naar met klompvoet richting Belgisch uurrecord
15 May '19 PORT OF ANTWERP participates as Gold Sponsor.  www.portofantwerp.com
11 May '19 Flows Magazine – Team Campenaerts helpt Alex Van Breedam (TRI-VIZOR) aan uurrecord
16 Jan '18 Prof. Dr. P. Brugada gives his approval to re-start training after several weeks of heart monitoring
9 Sep '18 Cancellation. The hour record attempt of 17 November 2018 is cancelled upon advice of one of the cardiologists after a one-off heart defibrilation on 21 July 2018  
2 July '18 ASD surgery. Alex undergoes a minimal surgery to overcome an  Atrial Septal Defect of 2.3 cm. ASD is a "hole" in the wall that separates the top two chambers of the heart. This defect allows oxygen-rich blood to leak into the oxygen-poor blood chambers in the heart.  
26 Aug '18 First contact with the Global Clubfoot inititative and its Runfree2030 strategy  
10 Jul '18 Alex decides to go attack the Belgian hour record for his age category on the 17 November 2018.  
3 May '18 Trends. First press announcement of Alex's intention to go for the time trial on track Karakter kweken. PDF