Founder and CEO of TRI-VIZOR, a disruptive innovator


TRI-VIZOR is a disruptive innovator in logistics and supply chain management. As the world’s first impartial orchestrator for transport and logistics, TRI-VIZOR proactively designs and operates horizontal partnerships and collaborative communities among shippers. By bundling and synchronizing freight flows across multiple supply networks, double digit gains in cost, customer service and sustainability can be achieved.



Founder of ISCN.Academy, the Knowledge and Streaming Platform for Supply Chain Executives

ISCN.Academy is the premier knowledge and streaming platform that offers supply chain executives a unique opportunity to learn and gain valuable insights from other experienced supply chain professionals and experts. With a wide range of expert-led content offered through Augmented Interviews and Masterclasses, ISCN.Academy is the go-to resource for the Supply Chain Executive looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the field of supply chain management. ISCN.Academy delivers content in a variety of media formats, such as videos enriched with information tickers and bullets, podcasts, and easy-to-read articles.